Design Tips by an Experienced Local Flooring Contractor

During the last few years vintage and industrial home decors have invaded the home remodeling industry. After the retro furniture craze, this style now enters other aspects of the interior design. They affect wall and floor designs, artwork, your storage space, appliances and much more. As an experienced local flooring contractor, today Norstar Hardwood Floors has decided to introduce to you the latest trends in tiles for 2017.

Here are the 3 interesting looks that you may go for:
Industrial-inspired concrete tiles. Although these are preferable for large open spaces, in certain cases they can be a good solution for small or tiny homes. The rough-looking large grey tiles have taken the market by storm and you don’t need to be a flooring contractor to know that. They are the preferred choice of young and energetic people who like to keep up with the trends.
Faux wood tiles. Yes, they really look like natural wood. These tiles are ideal for your kitchen and bathroom spaces where natural wood is not really a good option because of maintenance issues. They will give your home the elegant, classy, and cozy look that no other tile design would achieve. Some of them are inspired by the looks of rare exotic woods and successfully imitate their timber finishes for a relatively moderate price.
Matte black. If you are a fan of the so-called “rustic-modern” style, then black should be your choice in terms of tiles. For rooms which have little or no access to natural sunlight, we recommend navy blue ceramic tiles as a better alternative. They can add a subtle edge to any type of interior.

You’re still not sure whether one of these 3 designs is really what you’re looking for? Then call us at (661) 231-8154 to get some extra ideas or to appoint a free consultation with our company. We are a flooring contractor with many years of experience and know well what’s best for the citizens of Norstar Hardwood Floors and their homes.


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